Me Talking About Makeup! (Well Kinda…)

Hi dear readers!

Remember a few days ago when I posted pictures of a sunset look that I did on a model? Well I’m actually kinda embarrassed but simultaneously excited to share a behind the scenes video which shows what went into the making of that professional photo shoot! Specifically, it’s covers what’s involved when shooting with water, and I talk a little bit about using waterproof/resistant makeup.

I’m excited cause it’s the first time I get to actually talk about makeup in a clear video, but embarrassed because you know how when you hear/see yourself speak on video, it’s NOTHING like what you think you look/sound like?? (Thank God I’m only on for a few seconds.) Anyhoo given the long hours and sheer effort that the cameraman and photographer went to  in producing this, it’s unthinkable NOT to share it with those who may be interested!

So here goes! We hope you enjoy watching this!


Photography: Chris Soo (Theia Pixelworx) –

Model: Jessica Henke (Phantom Models) –

MUA & Hair: Sunita Pong (Sunita Pong Makeup Artistry) –

Videography & Editing: Bruce Lim (OrhCehFilem) –

Assistant: Shirley Zhong (Theia Pixelworx)

Music “Cephelopod” by Kevin Macleod

Time Out Magazine Cover!

Hey dolls!

I’m so excited to share a magazine cover with everyone today! My makeup is featured on the cover of Singapore’s Time Out Magazine (August issue, 2012).

It was a really cool concept, the photo editor contacted me to do a cover for their style issue, and essentially photographed two people featured in a mock hostage set up, the idea being that the magazine has ‘stolen their style secrets’.

Here it is! I hope you like it!




Su xoxo

Sunset Eyes!

Hello readers!

I had a fun photoshoot with a photographer who drew inspiration from Aurum and Alexander Hienrich, people who use water in their shots.

He specifically wanted to capture water being splashed onto a model as she was photographed against a sunset on the beach, and also wanted the blue/green of her eyes to be enhanced by makeup. It seemed like the universe was conspiring to make this shoot align beautifully because the colors orange, purple and red are those that are complementary to blue/green eyes….and coincidentally, are the colors that comprise a sunset too!

So here is my makeup interpretation of a sunset as it disappears into a horizon of blue waters 🙂 I used colors from a Sleek palette, hope you like it!

A Makeover Testimonial

Hey lovelies! How’s everyone been!

I’m so excited to share this video featuring my client, the lovely and animated Shaalini Devi, as she talks about her makeover experience! Her makeover pictures are also featured at the end of the video, so be sure to watch it all the way through!

Til then,
Stay beautiful!


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Repeat after me: The back of my hand is NOT my friend! Tips when Makeup Shopping Part 1

So it should  be no surprise that I’m addicted to makeup shopping, and over the years I’ve learnt a trick or two about the most effective way of choosing certain kinds of makeup so that I don’t go home and bang my head and mope for hours for choosing an off shade or the wrong formula. For those who don’t know, this is especially easy to do in Singapore because we have close to ZERO return policies on any goods bought, and a dismal exchange policy at that.

I’ve also noticed many women doing the same ‘testing’ thing with certain products in particular, like powders and lipsticks. These are so rampant that I will reserve another post dedicated especially just for those.

Before I start, these are a few things you should have with you when makeup shopping:

1) Antiseptic/Alcohol Wet wipes – To disinfect makeup testers and to remove the traces of any makeup item should space run out on your hands/face

2) Tissues – to either wipe a lipstick, surface of compact powders, dry the wet area left from the wet wipes or absorb any moisture/sweat

3) Your usual moisturiser used on your BARE face (try to avoid using makeup when makeup shopping)

4) The brushes and sponges that your normally use, if at all

5) GOOD LIGHTING! This is key and crucial (thus the CAPS and the bolding). Please go to an area with white light or sunlight and look at yourself/tested area in a mirror under those lighting conditions.

Now without further ado, let’s start on a few things:

1) Concealer

Most of us buy concealer for the purposes of covering dark circles, veins and/or discolorations. Given that the target area to be covered is thus a different hue and color from your skin altogether, the back of your hand is not the place to be testing concealers. Rather, test it on an area that resembles the area you want to cover. I for example. always apply concealer to my wrists to see how well the concealer covers up my blue veins, given that the skin there is thinner and thus similar to my undereye area, and also because that’s where I have the most noticeable veins showing through. Also, if you usually use your finger when applying your concealer, then similarly use your finger to test the concealer on your wrist. Fingers apply our makeup in a way that brushes can never master because of the heat factor, among others. The best concealer will be the one that covers the discoloring most opaquely.

2) Face Primer

Primers are usually used to smooth and even out uneven skin surfaces, due usually to fine lines and bumps. Once again, the back of your hand is not the place to test out these smoothers. The PALM of your hand rather, is most ideal thanks to the many many fine lines and uneven terrains. A good primer will lessen the appearance of the lines in your palm and make it look somewhat ‘flatter’ in comparison to your other palm. Again, if you usually use your hands for this at home, do so in the store, if not use your brush.

3) Mascara

Due to hygiene purposes, I wouldn’t recommend testing mascara on your real lashes, unless you’re willing to give the wand a thorough wipe through, which some store smay frown upon. Rather, test the mascara on cheap pairs of fake eyelashes that resemble your own (e.g. the natural looking ones that are thin, sparse, long, brown/black/blonde). Apple two coats at least. You’ll get a better idea of the brush performance, consistency, and quality of the mascara. A good mascara should apply easily, shouldn’t be too wet and should thus dry rather quickly, but also will not get clumpy or spidery after the second coat on your falsies.

4) Eyeshadows

Hands up: how many of  you have flipped open an eyeshadow quad, swiped the surface of each color with each fingertip of  your hand and proceeded to swatch the colors on – wait for it – the back of your hand or on your arm??? Problems with this scenario is: The color will a) always look more pigmented when swatched with your finger on one focal oval spot, b) your arm/back of hand isn’t really the same shade as your eyes and c) the skin of your arms isn’t framed by a pair of eyebrows and  doesn’t have to complement your eye color.

The solution for this is to use your eyeshadow brush (if you normally use one) or finger and actually sweep the eyeshadow on your eyelids itself as if you were doing your actual eye makeup. You’ll be surprised at how different it looks then, especially if you’re choosing brighter and bolder colors. Oh and please, if you’re going to test a smoky (dark) eyeshadow palette, remove any red lipstick or any color that will clash with it and make you look garish! Basically the idea is that if you see an eyeshadow look in a magazine that you want to replicate, make sure that your other areas are nude or at least not clashing, i.e. purple eyeshadows with bronzy cheeks and lips. Once you do this, go outside, shop around a bit for 30 mins or so, then go to a place with alot of natural light or go to a well white-lit area and look at yourself.

A good eyeshadow should not be chalky, will be pigmented, can be easily picked up on your brush and applied to your eyes and should have little fallout. If its a cream shadow, it shouldn’t crease, slide or fade in those 30 minutes.

Well that’s it for now, I hope you found this post useful 🙂 I’ll be back with Part 2!



Love of the Month: Cover Girl’s Peach Perfection

Hi everyone! So I’m back from a long absence again, work was getting crazy but it’s all good now!

In the last month or so, I’ve rediscovered one of my original blusher LOVES that I constantly used to reach out to while living in Melbourne, except it was a different color (pink): Cover Girl’s Instant Cheekbones Peach Perfection, is really one of the best things I’ve come across over an extended period of time. After I returned to Singapore, I used up the only palette I had left, and asked my cousin to get me a few when he went to the States (CoverGirl pulled out of the Singapore market ages back).

But this was an accidental buy, in that he got 2 pink ones and somehow picked this by mistake, so it remained untouched for awhile.

However in needing to put together a makeup ‘kit’ for myself at work, I decided to put this into my makeup pouch cause I had used up the pinks plus this contained all that I require for creating a proper 3D contoured cheek. (I never just apply one color of blush on my cheeks, it’s a 3 step/color process for me.) The moment I applied it to my cheek, it was love at first swipe. Holy perfection in a palette!! I looked alive and like I had ‘zing’!

It is incredibly pigmented and gives me an orangey-peachy cheek with a hint of sheen that my other (‘upmarket’ & pricier) blushers can’t seem to impart. Covergirl managed to get the coloring right with this. It’s somehow bright enough to give a healthy glow, yet doesn’t look garish. It also applies beautifully and doesn’t require excessive blending or skill. I’ve applied this in 5 seconds flat with the included brush when I’m rushing to work and still don’t look like Bozo the clown. AND it has the accompanying highlighter and contour color down pat as well. Oh, and it’s cheap as chips! Everyday when I do my makeup, I find myself staring at my other blush palette in contemplation and reaching for it slowly, only to change my mind at the very last moment and using CG’s Peach Perfection instead.

And the brush that comes with it? It does its job. WELL.  Is it as good as other proper brushes? No. But comparing such drugstore brushes to professional ones is always an unfair expectation to live up to, I feel. Objectively, the bristles are hard but I feel that they complement the texture of the blush in that they pick up the perfect amount of pigment to deposit on my cheek, and I end up using it to deepen the color even after I’ve used my MAC brushes. Pigment pickup is superior in that sense. (Picture of how it looks on my skin will be up soon!)

Needless to say I love Cover Girl’s other pink blusher trio which I’ve used to death: Purely Plum.

It gives me the nicest flush and rosiness. I love it so much that I used ONLY this blush for a full year! Almost every picture of myself in Melbourne has me wearing this!!

Anyhoo, have any of you tried Cover Girl’s blushers before? Did it work as well for you as it has for me?



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